Top 10 fastest way to earn gift cards online how can i earn gift cards online

how can i earn gift cards online

If you want to earn gift cards only then these are many ways you can earn gift cards and money online you can earn free gift cards and cash watching videos online . You need to do some simple tasks which you do already to earn gift cards .

You can also earn gift cards by doing shopping online . Below are top 10 ways by which you can earn gift cards

1 Help Big Companies with Your Opinion

If you use website Branded Surveys website then you can earn gift cards by proving your feedback on big companies of famous brands . These surveys can take up to 5 minutes to 15 minutes and this feedback will help big companies to make their product better . You will get surveys according to your location .

You will get signup bonus when you sign up . When you earn 100 points then you can redeem as gift card and when you reach 1000 points then you can get cash out through PayPal and you can earn gift cards of big companies like Amazon , iTunes , Steam , PlayStation and more top websites.

2 Use Search engine to earn Gift Cards

Swagbucks is top reward website where you can earn money by searching on website , watching videos , Shopping Online , watching videos and ads , playing games and many more tasks 

If you use SwagBucks as your default search engine , you earn gift card every time you search on web . It is not clear that how much you can get for every search but you get notification on how many points have to got . it require very less efforts to earn gift cards by this method 

how to earn from swagbucks search

This website offer $10 bonus for new members . You need minimum $3 to redeem as gift cards and you can redeem it on PayPal cash when your earnings reach $25 .

3 Scan products and get paid 

You can scan products at your local stores and get money . ShopKick is best app to earn gift cards which require you to earn gift cards without spending money . When you download Shopkick app then you can earn points which is known as kicks .

You can go to stores of Target or CVS then you can earn additional kicks by scanning products without buying  . You can also earn rewards by watching videos in app . you can also earn money by completing surveys .

4 Gift card giveaway Instagram

Many famous companies give free gift cards on Instagram . You can get free gift cards and earn free money by this method . There are certain ways to compete in these giveaways , more common ways are to follow Instagram accounts , tag peoples , like and comment certain posts . There are certain hashtags which you can search to find giveaways and get free items and free cash .







Instagram allow users to follow hashtags , you can follow these hashtags and you can earn free giftcards and get free giftcards as giveaway . If you win any giveaway the host will contact you and you can claim your gift card and money .

5 Sell internet data and earn money

sell internet data and earn money
Honeygain is app which gives your money by selling your extra internet . You can see example , i have earned about $320 in a year by using this app . This app server use your extra internet to perform market research for big companies and in exchange you can earn money . 

They don’t share your private information with companies . You can earn money by sharing internet . Current reward rate is 10 MB data for 1 Honeygain credit , 10 GB date is equal to $1 . You can also earn reward by using content delivery option which gives you 10 honeygain credit every hour .

6 Invite friends to earn money

If you want to earn money by referring friends then there are many popular apps by which you can earn money . In this case you can earn money by inviting friend to popular apps like Air BNB , Uber , Amazon , and many other websites .

You can check your favorite apps and see if they have referral program . If that apps have referral program then you can invite your friends to earn money easily . Most investment apps have referral program for users to earn money . 

7 Browser extension to earn money

You can add reward extension on your browsers to earn gift cards and money . There are some popular browser extensions which gives you free gifts cards . Most popular extensions are Capital one Shopping , Microsoft rewards extension chrome .

You can install Capital One Shopping Extension on your browser and when you do online shopping then you can see Capital One Shopping Popup and once you see reward on Capital One then you can click and earn reward . By using this way you can get discount and cashback

capital one shopping extension chrome

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