How to earn money from youtube channel for beginners

How to earn money from youtube channel for beginners

With YouTube you can earn money and fame easily . Many YouTubers are even famous than actors and other celebrities and also earning higher money . You can also create YouTube channel and start publishing videos on certain topic on which you are interested . In 2023 YouTube channels about AI is getting trend . If you want to start new channel then AI is good topic to start with . You can start faceless channel and get free tutorials on YouTube about starting own channel and earn money . If you want to start YouTube channel and are facing some problem then you can also comment below this video .

If you want to start YouTube channel don’t make it full time , you should do it part time with some other work . because you need to post videos regularly then you will start getting more views and then you can able to earn money . To monetize your YouTube channel fully you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time in last year or 10m shorts views . and you can also start to earn money with 500 subscribers , 3000 watch hours or 3 m shorts views in last 3 months .

In 2023 shorts is also a good source to start with . but you need to post interested shorts continuously to get higher views . If one of your short get good views then next shorts you upload will get more users and if that shorts videos is also interested then it will get more views than previous .If you upload some bad short . you will get views on that short but next shorts you upload will get affected and will get less views . So try to create shorts that more people prefer to watch full . If they watch shorts video to about 90% and if similar video of your competitor gets about 80% watch time . then your shorts video will get first in search results . This same method is implemented for long videos also .

How to earn money from YouTube shorts without monetization

You can also earn money with YouTube shorts without monetization . You can promote some app with your videos or you can promote some app or some blog or website of your . Many youtubers earn money with this way . They create tutorial videos on YouTube and then they upload material related to that tutorial on their websites and when people visit their websites they earn money with Google AdSense ads placed on website and users or subscribers also get free material . so its beneficial for both users and creators . you can also sign up for Amazon Affiliate program and start promoting amazon products on YouTube shorts . If someone buy that product from your link then you will get commission of about 5% of total price of product . you can learn SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) from below tutorial to know how you can rank your YouTube videos in first page in YouTube and Google . This method work both for YouTube shorts and long videos . and you can also use this technique to rank your blog on first page on Google

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