How to Earn money on Facebook $500 every day


You may use Facebook for entertainment purposes but now you can earn money from Facebook with its latest reels feature , Facebook now pushing its reel and video feature and users are earning high followers , and money easily , In this tutorial we will discuss how can you earn money with Facebook easily . We will discuss a method in which you don’t need to post anything yet you can earn money and followers easily .

How to earn money on Facebook Reels and How to get 1k followers on Facebook page in 5 minutes

how to earn money on facebook reels

You can earn money and Followers on Facebook easily with help of Reels . You can download shorts videos from Pinterest , YouTube , Instagram and post it on Facebook to grow your Facebook page and you can also post link to your website in Facebook reel which will help you to earn money . If you don’t know how to create own website and earn money then you can see website creation tutorial below this post .. In this tutorial we will use Pinterest website . First you need to choose some topic on which you can create Facebook Page and website . And in website you can also post affiliated products like gym clothes , Whey Protein etc. When someone come to your website you will earn money with Google AdSense ads and if someone buys your product from affiliated link then you can get commission of 5 – 6% easily .

First You need to open Pinterest website or app and search for videos on your topic , like fitness videos , then click on three dots on top right corner and click on Copy Link option , then open your phone browser and open website and paste video link in that website , it will download that video . and then you can come to Facebook and go to pages option and click on create Page . after creating Page you can post reel and then put title of video and then link of website and then type about 10 hashtags related to that video and post that video , You can post about 5 videos one time and about 15 videos daily to get followers faster. You need to post videos regularly to gain followers faster .As your video views get higher , your followers will get higher and your earning will also get higher . You can check video below to understand how can you get followers on Facebook easily .

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You can watch this video to understand how can you create your own website with any experience and how can you earn money with your website easily . If you face any problem you can comment below this video

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