Make money freelancing with chatgpt – step-by-step

make money on fiverr without any skills

Freelancing means you can do some work for certain time and then earn some amount of money which was decided before . If you have some talent like photoshop editing , video editing , making app , making video for birthday wishes , making videos for someone channel and other talents then you can earn money by freelancing easily . If you don’t think you have some talent then you can use AI to earn money with Freelancing . You can Make money freelancing with chatgpt . Then there are some websites like which can remove backgrounds from images for free . There are tasks on Fiverr freelancing website which allow you to earn upto 100$ for these simple tasks which everyone can do easily .

Earn money on Fiverr with AI

You can earn money on Fiverr easily with help of Ai websites like Chat GPT and Mid journey , ( Mid journey Free Alternative ) and you can use other website named to convert photos to paintings for free and this task is also very demanding on Fiverr , You can use this website to generate painting from photos for free and then you can sell it easily on to earn money . Here are top 5 easy jobs that you can do

1 Remove Background

2 Write Blog Articles

3 Write YouTube Video Scripts

4 Convert Photos to Painting or Arts

5 Create Ai Art

1 Remove Background

remove background from image

You can see in above photo that this person is selling remove background service for 170$ and he have delivered more than 367 orders . who have reviewed on her order . Then there can be some peoples who have bought this service but don’t review . So if you multiply $170 by 367 it will be equal to $62,390 from a single service . And this service require no skills . you just need to create profile and people will search and place order on your profile and then you can complete tasks with help of website and earn money easily and fast .

2 Write Blog Article with Chat GPT

write articles with chat gpt

This is also a high demand service which can be completed with Chat Gpt easily . You just need to write that topic in Chat GPT and it will write free article for you then you can use online websites to rewrite article . You can search for article rewriter websites on Google and find many free website . you just need to paste your atrial in that website and then press rewrite article button and wait for some time and your article will be rewritten and then you can send that article on fiverr website to your service buyer to earn money . You can go to website to use ChatGpt . You can login with your Google account and start using ChatGpt .

3 Write YouTube Video Scripts

write youtube video script with chat gpt

This is also one of the simplest task that you can do easily with ChatGpt , you just need to write ” Write YouTube Video Script for ‘Topic name’ ” and then ChatGpt will generate video script for you for free and then you can sell that script to your service buyer on Fiverr for free and earn money .

4 Convert Photos to Painting or Art or Cartoon

conert photos to paintings

You can go to this website to convert your photos to cartoon for free and then you can sell that photos on fiverr and earn money . Your service buyers will send you photos and you just need to upload and download that photos and make money . You can search for other website which convert photos to art , photos to painting for free on Google to find alternative of above website .

5 Create Ai Art

Earn money on fiverr with AI art

create ai art earn money

You can use website OpenArt.Ai to create arts based on prompts . You need to type what your service buyers asked you and then you can generate free Arts with this website . Then you can send that art photos to your service seller and earn money easily . You can send some more arts that they have ordered so that they can review with 5* on your service happily and that will help you to earn more money on fiverr .

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