What are Top 10 best apps to earn gift cards fast

best apps to earn gift cards fast

If you want to earn money or gift cards from your daily habits and if you are wondering What is the best app for earning free gift cards? Then here are top 10 best apps to earn gift cards fast . You can start earning by doing activities you already do online .

1 Swagbucks

swagbucks earn money

Swagbucks is one of the easiest app to earn gift card online and make money online . Below are some ways by which you can earn money with Swagbucks :
1 Completing surveys
2 Browsing the Web
3 Watching Ads and Videos
4 Shopping Online
5 Playing Games
6 Testing Products
Every task you complete you can earn rewards points . These points can be redeemed for earning gift cards from top websites on internet and offline . You can also get PayPal cash if you want 
2 InboxDollars
inboxdollars monthly earnings
Another top app and website to earn gift cards online . InboxDollars pay you money by doing following works.
1 Watch Videos Online
2 Playing Games
3 Downloading Apps
4 Searching on Web
5 Answering Surveys
6 Shopping Online
7 Checking Emails Daily
This website will pay you for doing works online , that you do already but you can earn money if you use this app . By using this app you can earn money by buying products online that you buy already . Instead of shopping online you can shop through InboxDollars app to earn money on popular websites and apps .
You can get output of earnings as gift card or PayPal cash .
3 InstaGC
instagc instant gift cards
InstaGC is also top app that gives you money and gift cards by doing some certain tasks like Downloading Apps , Playing Games, Searching Online, Shopping Online , Answering surveys and more tasks . You can receive gift card when your earning reach to $1 only . You will receive gift cards code instantly . You can also withdraw your earnings as PayPal balance .
4 MyPoints
mypoints earn money
MyPoints is rewarding its users from 1996  . You can join this website or app as well as other apps for more earnings . It also give you bonus earning when you order your vaccation through MyPoints portal .
MyPoints have many famous partner hotels , airlines so you can earn discount and bonus when you order your vacation from MyPoints .
5 FeaturePoints 
feature points get rewarded
FeaturePoints is another best online app which let you earn rewards . You can earn rewards by completing tasks like Watching videos and ads , Playing Games , Taking surveys , Reffering friends , taking surveys , Downloading Apps and more .
Then Points you earn can be redeemed into PayPal cash or gift cards of various top companies like Amazon , Walmart , Domino’s , Nike and more . You can also get bit coin gift cards with this website .
6 PocketFlip
pocketflip - rewards & cash
PocketFlip is also one of the best app to earn rewards online . It pays you to complete tasks like downloading new apps , watching videos , taking surveys and more .
Or this app can also ask you to take photos of certain products or photos of receipt of your recent shopping . You can earn gift cards through these tasks also . You can earn gift cards of top websites like Amazon , Walmart , BestBuy , and you can also earn cash out with PayPal .
7 PointsPrizes
pointsprizes coupons
This website will give you rewards for doing a number of tasks . You can earn points by doing certain tasks like .
1 Taking Surveys
2 Watching Video Ads
3 Complete Rewards Tasks Daily
4 New Offers
5 Downloading Apps
when you earn you can convert your earning into gift card and PayPal cash . PointsPrizes have gift cards from top websites like Netflix , Nike , Amazon , BestBuy and more
8 Microsoft Rewards
microsoft rewards gift cards
We can get paid by using Microsoft Bing on laptop and mobile devices . Microsoft Rewards also offer additional bonus points like with daily quiz and tasks . The also let you to buy Microsoft items with your earning . You can buy Microsoft store items like Music , Games , Apps , Movies and more 
9 Google Opinion Rewards
google opinion rewards money use
This app is from Google . It give you tasks like deciding which Google logo is looking better , Giving Opinion about Google Products , which marketing offer do you like most and how you plan to use Google in future . This app gives you credit in $ which you can use to buy Google Play Store items like apps , games , songs and more
10 AppNana
appnana app jobs
Last but not least . If you like latest apps and games then you can use AppNana to test latest apps and games and you will earn rewards on every game and app you have downloaded and use .
You can earn gift cards for Top websites like iTunes , PlayStation , Xbox stores , Google Play and more . You don’t need to keep apps and games in phone after testing . If you like some app or game then you can keep that .
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