How to earn money on Pinterest How to earn money from Pinterest

how to earn money on Pinterest

You can earn money from Pinterest easily . You need a website for it . Then you can post videos or photos on Pinterest with a link to your website which will help you to earn money with Pinterest easily . Good thing is that you can download videos and photos from Pinterest or Instagram or YouTube and post it on Pinterest and earn money and followers on Pinterest easily

How to get followers on Pinterest

how to get followers on pinterest

You can check screenshot from my profile on Pinterest . I have posted videos from Pinterest to Pinterest and got 1.6k followers and about 900k monthly views . Mostly users are from United States . You can also download videos from YouTube , Pinterest , Instagram , Facebook . You can download videos with help of website . You just need to copy video URL and then paste it to this website and it video will get downloaded in your phone or pc and then you can upload videos on Pinterest easily .You can post about 10 videos daily . 5 videos one time ( For eg. 5 in morning 5 in evening ) .

If you have YouTube channel then also you can promote your YouTube videos in Pinterest . If you develop some apps or some online products then also you can promote your links for free on Pinterest . You can create videos yourself or you can download videos from Pinterest and post it again on Pinterest .

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